Manu Toigo is a well known survivalist, teacher, and celebrity personality known from her TV appearances on Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" - Double Jeopardy, National Geographic's "Mygrations" and Discovery Channel Curiosity “I'Caveman".

Ingham, Australia


Manu was raised on a sugar cane farm outside of Ingham, Australia.


Queensland, Australia


At age 17, Manu joined the 31 RQR (Infantry Reserve Unit) Army and served for 8 years in the military. During her last several years in the military, she was posted to Operation Deployment Forces as Transport Support. Her career in the Australian Army ended after sustaining an injury.

Crocodile Kid
Military Manu

“Manu's life has been full of challenges and she has faced many adversities. Her determination to fight through difficult times has made her the woman she is today.”


Seattle, Washington

In 1998 Manu relocated to Seattle for her college education. After an extremely traumatic event she was forced to live homeless. With hard work and effort she gradually earned enough money improve her situation.

Los Angeles, California

Now, living in Los Angeles, she has conquered desert, jungle, and urban environments, using her determination and willingness to improvise and survive.

In 2014, she started working with an exceptional company which serves LAUSD as part of the Adventure Programs and After School Programs. Since 2013, Manu has become one of the most trusted and loved members of the Los Angles community. She didn’t just find her purpose, it found her and has become her passion.


Even though life can sometimes be tough, you must take it as an invaluable lesson in life to ultimately become a better person and learn from mistakes and bad choices; after all, we are only human.

— Manu Toigo


  • NOLS Wilderness Medicine First Aid

  • Saint John's Ambulance and Medical Training (Australian Army)

  • Executive Protection Course